As the owner or operator of an industrial business, it is your responsibility to provide a safe work environment for your employees and visitors. If you own or operate a business that encompasses one or more hazardous areas, this means taking extra precautions to prevent fires and explosions from occurring. In addition to safely removing combustible dust from your facility, you can help prevent tragedy from striking by investing in intrinsically safe keyboards and other office equipment. Below is a look at the top qualities to seek in an intrinsically safe industrial keyboard and the best way to ensure that you are pleased with your purchase.

Intrinsically Safe Industrial Keyboard iKey DT-1000-NI

Intrinsically Safe Industrial Keyboard iKey DT-1000-NI

Why should you invest in an intrinsically safe keyboard?

Intrinsically safe equipment plays a critical role in maintaining a safe environment for workers. Equipment such as lightingvacuums, and scanners frequently top the list of products to include in industrial safety initiatives. But many people overlook the important role that intrinsically safe keyboards and office equipment play in protecting the safety of workers. Virtually any industry that has one or more hazardous areas and involves the use of onsite computers can benefit from intrinsically safe keyboards. Here are a few examples:

  • Food processing factories
  • Paint manufacturers
  • Chemical plants
  • Oil refineries
  • Sawmills
  • Grain storage facilities
  • Flour mills

Intrinsically safe keyboards help protect personnel from explosion risks and enable diagnostic tasks to be undertaken without ceasing production. Some insurance providers also offer discounted premiums to industrial businesses that invest in intrinsically safe keyboards and other equipment.

What are the top features to seek in an intrinsically safe industrial keyboard?

If you are a relative newcomer to the world of intrinsically safe products, you may wonder how to go about selecting keyboards for your team of employees. With new models emerging on a daily basis, it is important to identify some key features to seek as you evaluate options. Below is a look at some of the top qualities to seek in an intrinsically safe industrial keyboard:

Intrinsically Safe Industrial Keyboard iKey DT-1000-NI

1. Certified for operation in hazardous areas

Certifications are essential for safe keyboard operation within industrial facilities. Keyboards that are certified Class I, II, and III, Division I, Groups C, D, E, F, and G will decrease the risk of device failure in your facility – even in hazardous areas. Depending on your geographic location, other certifications might be warranted. For example, if you operate a manufacturing plant in Europe, you may require a model that is ATEX Zone rated.

2. Ability to operate in harsh environments

Today’s top intrinsically safe keyboards are made to operate in environments that are marked by extreme temperatures, humidity, wind, and wet conditions. For example, they are able to function fully in temperatures ranging from sub-zero to over 120 degrees Fahrenheit and can withstand exposure to rain, chemicals, and 100% humidity when properly installed.

3. A rugged design

In addition to being able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the best keyboards are built to sustain a high degree of wear and tear. Models with stainless steel cases and silicone rubber padding help leading models endure frequent handling and stand the test of time in hazardous locations.

4. The latest keyboard features

Many people think that they will have to sacrifice features for security if they replace their existing keyboards with intrinsically safe models. This is not the case at all. Models such as the iKey PM-2000-FSR-IS and the iKey DT-2000-FSR-IS are examples of intrinsically safe models with cutting edge features such as a force-sensing resistor pointing device and single keystroke access to software shortcuts.

5. Affordable pricing

Some procurement managers shy away intrinsically safe industrial equipment because they worry that they will not be able to afford it. They are often pleasantly surprised to learn that some feature-rich models, such as the iKey DT-1000-NI are priced under $700. Finding a keyboard that fits your budget is as easy as a quick phone call to a trusted supplier. Some of today’s top-rated suppliers even offer price matching to eligible customers.

6. Backed by outstanding customer support

The best keyboard in the world is worthless if you are unable to receive the support you need when questions arise or troubleshooting assistance is needed. As you compare keyboards, look for models that are sold by companies that offer a warranty and the highest level of customer service to customers in the United States and across the globe.

How can you find the best intrinsically safe keyboard?

Intrinsically Safe Industrial Keyboard iKey PM-5K-NI

As outlined above, there are many reasons to invest in an intrinsically safe industrial keyboard. However, not all manufacturers apply the same set of standards when building specialty keyboards. The key to ensuring your satisfaction is to purchase your keyboard from a trusted provider with a proven track record of success in your industry. Ideally, the provider you choose should offer the following:

  • Industry Experience: Look for providers with decades of experience supplying hazardous area products to industrial organizations.
  • A Safety First Philosophy: Suppliers who put your safety first will take measures to guarantee the quality of product you receive.
  • Product Selection: Providers who partner with manufacturers such as Honeywell, Panasonic, and Energizer are wise choices.
  • Accessibility: Choosing a provider that is accessible by phone, email, and live chat will help to enhance your purchasing experience.

America’s most trusted source for intrinsically safe keyboards

The Intrinsically Safe Store is proud to offer all of the qualities outlined above. For over two decades, our team has serviced industrial operations across the globe. We strive to deliver a customer experience that is second to none, and will take every measure to ensure that you receive an intrinsically safe keyboard that is durable and manufactured with the highest quality materials.

To discover why customers across the globe turn to us for their keyboard needs, simply call us at 832-856-4285. One of our product specialists will help you navigate through our inventory and help you select the keyboard that will best meet the specific needs of your business. We look forward to introducing you to our impressive selection of intrinsically safe keyboards today!

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