Koehler Brightstar

Koehler was founded in 1912 and created the first naptha-burning safety light recognized by the Bureau of Mines for use in explosive coal mining atmospheres. In 1918, Koehler created the first rechargeable cap light with an electric motor. Later, he developed a lithium-ion cap lamp that has been the most dependable light in the market ever since. The long and successful history of Koehler in the design and development of mine safety batteries and lights is well-known.


Lights manufactured by Koehler BrightStar are designed to keep workers safe as they complete their tasks. The Hanover Township, Pennsylvania-based firm, which is celebrating its 110th anniversary this year, manufactures and sells items that have been tested for safety. In addition to these, the firm provides products and services to the mining, maritime, industrial, and manufacturing sectors. These long-lasting, dependable items are found in some of the world’s darkest and most difficult places.

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