Bulk purchases are ideal for products that you have an ongoing need to have. That’s when bulk antibacterial hand gel comes in.

Hand Sanitizer Gel
Woman applying antibacterial hand gel.

To prevent infectious diseases, many people prefer hand sanitizers. According to studies, 1 in 5 people don’t regularly wash their hands. Of those who do, 70% don’t use soap. However, by providing hand sanitizer in more areas (such as bathrooms and kitchens), people are more likely to utilize sanitization to kill harmful bacteria. Hand sanitizer functions by way of removing the exterior layer of oil from the skin. In the process, germs are both removed and killed by the active chemical ingredients.

Hand Sanitizer Gel
Woman using hand sanitizer gel in the bathroom.

Bulk antibacterial hand gel is always out of stock. With having bulk items in storage at your home, office, or facility, you can make sure that everyone around you stays protected as it helps to deter the spread of germs and illness-causing bacteria, particularly in busy environments. 

Buying in bulk means you are saving time as well as money. Generally speaking, buying in bulk is cheaper. Price efficiency is the advantage of buying items in bulk. When you buy an item in bulk amounts, you’re almost always saving money on each use of that product. Bulk buying is all about convenience as well. Less time spent buying more stock means more time doing the things you enjoy. Time is money for many people, so buying in bulk is the next best thing to hiring an assistant.

Hand Sanitizer Gel
Time and money.

The Intrinsically Safe Store is committed to providing the highest quality and safest care possible for you and your family.

We offer hand sanitizers in bulk:

55 Gallon Drum 

275 Gallon Tote

Tank Truck or Rail Car

To order Bulk Antibacterial Hand Gel or learn more about our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts at www.IntrinsicallySafestore.com or call us on 832-699-6726

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