We at the Intrinsically Safe Store value Intrinsic Safety for a safety operation. Our aim is to make our customers feel safe and make handling their business easy and cost-effective. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce Honeywell as a Service or HaaS.


What is Honeywell as a Service? 

HaaS is an offering to help you and your customers navigate technology challenges. The program provides you with an innovative approach to help your customers acquire software, hardware, and services, and pay for them through a monthly payment. Since no upfront capital outlay is required, you can offer your customers the ability to free up budget dollars for more bottom-line revenue producing projects.

Why choose Honeywell as a Service? 

Honeywell Channel partners have seen a lot of success in leveraging the HaaS program to overcome barriers around long approval processes that can typically be associated with capital expenditures. Customers are telling us that that the HaaS program also makes it much easier to measure ROI under a low monthly payment model vs. a lump-sum purchase of a product that continues to age.


Here are some of the benefits of HaaS:


  • Reduced Complexity: HaaS eliminates the confusion of having multiple contracts from multiple vendors since you can combine all expenses associated with the customer’s order into one convenient plan. This includes solutions offered from other vendors- and solutions ranging from equipment, deployment, professional services, break-fix services, and software.
  • Cost Effective: Compare HaaS with your current lending partner or financial institution- we are confident you will find HaaS to be more cost effective with better long-term value over the life of the contract.
  • Minimized Risk: With HaaS- your customers don’t have to worry about technology becoming obsolete or creating security vulnerabilities. As the contract comes to a close, your customers can easily extend their lease or refresh their technology without the barrier of a capital spend event. Plus, the costs of device data destruction, recycling or remarketing are covered under the HaaS program

What you get:


  • Close Deals Faster: Provides a 100% financing option that may shorten the sales cycle by helping the customer to overcome budget limitations
  • Increase Sales: Broadens your suite of solutions and allows customers to acquire more products than they would typically purchase
  • Enhance Value: Reinforces your position as a strategic resource who has the customer’s best interests in mind and can help to solve key financial concerns often associated with acquiring equipment
  • Retain Customers: Offers more opportunities for repeat business through shorter lease terms; helping you to gain incremental business that may have been previously lost to competitors. Make the “future sale” – same monthly payment, refresh to new technology.
  • Protect Margins: Focuses sales discussion on solutions rather than discounting


Check out our Honeywell Products Here.

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