Intrinsically safe camera housing is the ideal solution for Offshore Oil and Gas Industries, refineries, mining and Explosive environments. Additionally, the intrinsically safe camera design allows operators to monitor situations in ATEX Zone 1, ATEX Zone 2, Class 1 Division 1, Class 1 Division 2, IECEx, and more.

There are a lot of articles explaining how a device is Intrinsically Safe so we will not go through the details.

The Oil and Gas industry is often associated with low performance and outdated technology. For instance, some people may say the devices are not very good at saving space. However, the Industry is changing that with the help of various vendors and manufacturers who aim at giving the best in class ruggedized and EX certified equipment for your protection.

Things & Specs to look for:

  • Video quality – Full HD video (1080p, 30 FPS)
  • Imaging – 8 megapixel still images
  • Image capture – Dedicated Camera button
  • Storage – at least 32 GB
  • Lighting – Dual LED lights
  • Brightness – Direct sunlight readable display
  • Touch screen – Glove compatible capacitive touch
  • Glass – Preferably Gorilla glass
  • Android version Android 7.1.2 Nougat or Higher
  • Submersible – IP68 waterproof
  • Impact and drop proof



Lastly, the following information is the certification for Intrinsically Safe camera housing.

Intrinsically Safe Camera housing Certification

ATEX Zone 1, ATEX Zone 2, Class 1 Division 1, Class 1 Division 2, IECEx

Ex ib IIC T4 Gb Ta = -10˚C to +40˚C

Groups A, B, C, D, T4 t Ta = -10C to +40C


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