Vivid Vision


Creating a Vivid Vision brings the future into the present, so we can have clarity and excitementabout what we are all building. It is a detailed overview of what our company will look like, feel like,and act like three years out. Without your commitment and dedication to our team, we will be unableto turn these visions into reality. I hope that by being open and sharing my vision for our company,you will feel a sense of ownership, jump on board and take action to help us get there.

Some of this might be a bit overwhelming the first time you read through it. So here’s what I sug-gest… the first time you read this, simply let the information sink in. The second time, start to bringyourself into the picture. The third time, think about the first action step you can take to help bringthis vision to life. Sentence by sentence. Step by step. Together, we will transform the vision on thispaper into reality.

This is where the Intrinsically Safe Store will be by Dec 31, 2025.I’m ready. Are you?Let’s take a ride into the future..

OUR Purpose

The Intrinsically Safe Store’s purpose is to connect people with a billion certifiedsafe solutions to improve our world. Ourproducts enable our clients to achievetheir business goals, continue to employpeople, grow the overall economy, andimprove our world.

We are closing in on ourBig Hairy Au-dacious Goalto be the world’s #1 haz-ardous area leader that has connectedone billion safe solutions that improveour world by 2030and we are on pace to achieve that.We are laser-focused on capturing ourideal target clients by offering our brandpromise of being the trusted hazardousarea industry authority with wow service& the lowest prices.

The year 2025 has been our greatestyear to date. Our founder, James, isbeyond proud of the team for provid-ing excellent products and service toour impressive list of clients, whichincludes 90% of the market. As weface high growth in the years ahead,the team is excited and confident thatwe will achieve our goals because wehave an exceptional operating systemin place. James continues to play ahands-off visionary and coaching roleto the company’s integrator and keyleadership members, who are doingthe best work of their careers by em-powering other team members to dogreat work.

Core values


Thinking and winning big by adding value to ensure every-one who we partner with is successful. Our team, clients, andpartners all win big. Client success is #1!


Amp it up, batteries are included, charged and we’re playingfull-on with electrifying energy.


Help people become better than they believed possible.Continually raising our standards and focusing on continuousimprovement.


Experiment without fear of failure, knowing that most fail, butthe more we try and learn, the more we will win.

execution excellence

When it all comes down to it, nothing is more important than execution. Clear on what, why, who, and when. The best strategy in the world fails with poor execution. Get it done.

Drivers only

Taking personal responsibility, integrity to follow through, and speaking up like you own it.


Celebrating, recognizing and rewarding our team.Having fun and enjoy the ride.

Everyone on our team lives these values, can recite them at any time,and pushes back on those who do not. We don’t have anyone on the team who lives only some of these values. Everyone is excited, high-performing, having fun, and continuously growing both personallyand professionally. Our output vastly exceeds the size of our team ac-cording to all commonly used industry benchmarks.

Our People


Our culture is our top priority. We have created an Execution Excellence environment that is filled with Passion, amped up energy, and exemplifies our core values as leaders. This is the catalyst for growth and our clients’ Success. We don’t cower or hide behind circumstance but embrace challenges as they occur because we understand that is where we find the most powerful break-throughs. This is when growth happens and weEvolve. Every team member feels valued and appreciated by their teammates. We’re a family of Drivers who take personal responsibility where people depend on each other both in and outside of work. You won’t hear or see any negativity, com-plaining, or gossiping. Issues are presented for the group to Experiment without fear of solving. We are a results-only work environment to incentivize performance and celebrate an intrapreneurial environment that screams Yay! when we live our core values. We continue to work 100% remote but we don’t feel alone. We are a connected and supportive team, all working together.

Here are some frequent comments that our team makes about our company:

  • I work for an amazing team with great people doing awesome work.
  • Our team is a vehicle for my growth and self-actualization.
  • I feel comfortable that I understand what I needto do and how I add value to the company and how to make our clients successful.
  • My leaders, team members, and I are encour-aged to share and experiment with new ideasto improve our processes and ourselves
  • I clearly understand profit per employee and how my work contributes to the company’s growth.
  • Wow! I wish my family could all work here – Ijust referred them.


All members of the leadership team are A-players that are dedicated to the mission, and everyone on the team is excited to co-create with and learn from. The leadership team is only working on what they need to and then delegating the rest to their A-player teams. The team is comprised of a complementary set of skills (1+1=3) and attitudes to lead the change together, working as a real team with inspiring team dynamics. We ensure the team (not the individual) is the star by continually improving our effectiveness in combining data, dialogue, and speed. The operating Rhythm of our timing, content, & protocols enables us to get into a grove as we set strategy and execute at an inspiring pace.

Org of the future:

  • Integrator/Chief Operating Officer (COO) Strong commitment to core values and record of results of achieving the above plan and building a culture of execution excellence in all strategic growth areas.
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Financial wizard that continues to make us grow faster, more profitable, and financially strong through understanding how finances and operations interact.
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Exceptional brand builder and growth hacker that has filled our pipeline with trusting prospects and natured our clients to raving fans at well below industry cost per lead.
  • VP Sales/Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Exceptional sales leader with the ability to build a world-class global sales team with account and territory domination while focusing on client success
  • VP of Partners & Product Intimate knowledge of the industry landscape, buying behavior, deep partner relationships and ability to routinely successfully launch profitable products and maximize gross margin through world-class sourcing, negotiation, merchandising, pricing, product marketing, etc.

Executive meetings that are smooth and inspiring with a constant focus on improving our Enterprise Value by growing top line and growing GM, strong and growing market presence, lowering capital expenses, removing concentration risk on the customer, vendor, channel, employee concentration. And optimizing awareness of topics surrounding Micro (business model, pricing, industries, competition, etc.), Macro (oil, political, regulatory, etc.), and Excess capacity (talent, capital, production, time).

Evolving people

  • Be known in the world for having the best training in the world to live our core value of helping people become better than they believed possible by continually raising our standards and focusing on continuous improvement.
  • Consistent, top-rated training and development library that our people highly value and grow, rebuild, and refresh.
  • World-class onboarding and training, testing for competency in clearly defined skills and behaviors for all roles and a clear career plan with performance bonuses for all roles to reward people who are willing to build their careers within the company.
  • Employee benefits that are most important to the team, such as health and life insurance, paid sick leave, vacation, etc.
  • Every year, we offer each employee an annual “Quality of Life” stipend to assist in reaching a personal their Dream 101 list goals, such as learning a second language, becoming a yoga guru, singing, or really any goal they have in mind. To complement this program, we offer monthly coaching to help employees be accountable for reaching their dreams. The program has been so successful that all team members share how they are improving and living their dreams.
  • A leadership development program to develop leaders as we believe you are not a leader until you have created a leader who has created another leader.
  • We have a team of drivers, not passengers. People that are amping up the energy. We have a clear and fair system of identifying, promoting, rewarding, celebrating A-players, and removing non-A players that do not live our core values.
  • Secret ballet rhythm to gather feedback from the team to ensure our team culture is thriving and scoring way above average. We score way about all companies on “How likely are you to recommend Intrinsically Safe store as a place to build a career for
    your friends and family?”


  • Organizational Design, up-to-date HR and hiring plan that ensures 100% of our goals are met with the right people in place at the right time. We (don’t) put people first. Instead, we ensure the highest value-creating roles have the best-fit talent.
  • Our hiring process leverages the latest in methodologies and technologies from top grading and Predictive Index. This ensures we are bringing in the best people not only in experience and skill set but also in cultural fit. We are clear on the behaviors that we want and why we are bringing them into the team. Every hire we make levels up the company.
  • We are actively recruiting from internal efforts and agencies to maintain a proactive recruiting posture known by the industry to be the best, most in-demand place to build a great career.
  • Process to constantly be interviewing A-players in sales and other strategic roles to get and build a pipeline of great people when they are ready to join our amazing team.
  • Through our successful social media marketing, we have positioned ourselves as the go-to place in the industry for top talent in the field. When an expert in this industry wants a new job, they choose the employer and time and time again, they choose us.
  • Finding new team members is easy because our team members routinely brag about how much they enjoy their team. We have a long list of highly qualified candidates who submit their interest in the hope of one day joining our team.
  • Strong pipeline of candidates that fit our culture and have done what we need to do before. With a “Not can they do it, its why they are BETTER for the role and 110% confident they can exceed plan.”
  • Smooth process to utilize the speed and cost of the gig economy and expert talent for one-off projects.
  • When we do add new team members, our efficient, simple, and direct onboarding process aids them to quickly understand what they need to do and getting up to speed. We have an amazing welcome ritual for all new team members to make them feel welcome.

Yay celebrating our succes

  • All team members meet annually in an inspiring location. We have fun together, eat, celebrate and attain awards for our accomplishments from the previous year, strategize goals for the year ahead, train, and build relationships with each other.
  • Monthly Leaderboard awards, celebrating core values and drivers for all areas of the company. With cool prizes and gifts from small to large like gift-certificates, meals, electronics and travel.
  • Company outings or team lunches..
  • A day off for your birthday.


  • Leveraging world-class learning groups ECF, YPO, EO, other CEOs, and the best growth coach and advisors.
  • We have built a foundation of trust with a group of the advisory board through radical transparency and focus on execution excellence and exciting projects that are unlocking growth.
  • We have a team of vetted Industry embedded professional and Hazardous Area certification mentors and advisors to help with industry challenges, technical details, and strategic relationships.


Every quarter our team is excited to work on a Continuous Community Program in the communities where each of us live. Our team is excited to share our contributions of time and resources, and together as a team, we have impacted over 10,000 people. It’s truly inspiring to see the positive impact we have made all over the world. Additionally, we have a long-term program sponsoring children to give them opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have had. We help with their education, give them internship opportunities with our company and mentor them to be a leaders in our teams.



  • The Intrinsically Safe Store is the #1 brand in the hazardous area industry as we live out our brand promise on a daily basis as one of the trusted haz- ardous area industry authorities with wow service & the lowest prices. We are viewed as the go-to-re- source for everything in the Hazardous Area industry. Our clear value proposition on who we serve and what we do are clearly a differentiated approach to deliver how we add value to our clients across every- thing we do.
  • Our messaging is clear and overshadows the marketing of far larger companies. All internal and external materials are highly professional and adhere to our style and brand guide lines.
  • We have clearly communicated that we are differ- ent in all areas, including the following: Main compet- itors, People, Product, Messaging, Operations, Price/ Terms.
  • Our target client feels like we are everywhere and we are foremost in their mind for every Hazardous Area project and buying discussion. 99% of profes- sionals purchasing a Hazardous Area product visit our site and have a trusted relationship with us.
  • Multiple successful growth channels with clear growth and testing framework. Including a reliable and clear market forecast size, execution plan, exe- cute, and spin up next growth channel before stalling growth at the forecasted channel ceiling, We test in this order of Different channels (paid, organic, tradi- tional, events, industry groups, etc.), New customer Segments (industry – pharma, etc., global expansion, multi-language), New products – test new service offerings (procurement, site auditing, own manufac- turing).

marketing team

  • Our content marketing is a well-oiled traffic engine operated by our dedicated team of SEO, paid, email, social, and PR media ninjas. Our suppliers and other media consider our content to be the gold standard in the industry.


  • We rank #1 on Google in all our categories, prod- ucts, and key search terms, with multiple top listings pushing competitors onto other pages. We capture almost all organic, low-cost traffic for high dou- ble-digit conversion rates.
  • Content leadership in all Hazardous Area key- words with high-quality content. Co-produced part- ner videos and showed the value of high-return categories, suppliers, and products. Keep building strategic motes around the most profitable growth areas. Max out different types of media, video, photo, infographic, PDF, slide presentations, webinars, tech- nical papers, etc.


  • Strong understanding of all paid channels, clear and consistent reporting on how to max out and hit ROAS and capture total market share of efficient traffic. Reliable understanding of total market share for each paid channel and plan to capture it all. We are confident we are pushing to limits across all pain channels.


  • Our social media has over one million quality buy- er followers. Our analytics show that every published email, social post, or media article increases our customer transactions.
  • Constant A/B testing of new offers and content to improve organic conversions and repeat business.
  • Consistent industry leading content calendar going out on all social media platforms.
  • Industry-leading technical forum and social group to strengthen our authority and brand.


  • Onsite UX and conversion with a clear design process and tools where we can A/B test on the store before we implement it and do some tests and interviews with our customers live.
  • Physical beautifully designed and curated cata- log and print materials to strengthen our brand and increase customer touch points. Swag give-a-ways with large purchases or given to anyone you’ve built a relationship with. Things people would actually use such as mugs, golf shirts or t-shirts (Nike or other well-known brand) with our logo, pens, mini note- pads/books, camera slide blockers for notebooks, pop-its for the back of cellphones, rugged or mili- tary-style backpacks, etc.
  • Attend events; if there aren’t any, we build one and invite all our brands, customers, and resellers.
  • Referral program and client network effects clearly understood to lower churn, and increase sharing in- ternal and external sharing to ultimately drive indus- try-leading referrals and repeat business.
  • We have partnered with all the firms in the industry that boost our credibility and lend us their audience to increase traffic and further sales.
  • Clear metrics on a per-customer level to under- stand how do customers see us, including an individ- ual score for retention, and satisfaction, loyalty and market share, as well as the vision of our partnership.


  • Our sales team members are fired up about using the best sales training, having daily coaching calls to practice, and smashing the phones every day to let their clients know they are there to support them and stay top of mind.
  • They are true sales and product professionals that our competition simply can’t keep up with. Our automated reporting tracks their exceptional level of activity as they leverage the latest technology and methodologies to continually refine their proven sales process.
  • Our team is supported by the power of our clean data to know instantly where to mine the most value.
  • Our clients widely view them as a trusted resource that provides reliable support, the best in the in- dustry. For this reason, team members are regularly capturing more and more budget from our existing clients.
  • The best of our best sometimes meet with clients face-to-face and close multi-million dollar deals.
  • 90% of agents exceed quota, with leaderboards showing clear activities that drive results. 90% of the team is able to score 99% on sales motion and SOP audits.
  • The team hit our double salary which resulted in bonuses for the team.
  • +10 top sales team members making +$1M/year in commission.
  • Sales team to take over customer success team to be closer to the customer and focus on customer success and focuses everyone to be relationship-ori- ented, not deal-oriented.
  • World-class trained team with Clearly defined ca- reer progression and world-class sales and success playbooks for specific customer types:
    • Resellers
    • Small business
    • Large enterprise
    • Majors team – largest accounts – Routinely place company record-breaking orders >$1M order
  • Clear goals for all team members using:
    • x new ideal accounts per year at $X per new customer per year, $x from expansion revenue
    • x# of New customers, from X # of new quotes, from X # of new meetings from X# of leads, from x# of new lead generating activities
  • We own 95% of customers Hazardous Area solu- tion spend. We are directly plugged into their pro- curement processes and have best-in-class con- tracts and the process for getting set up as a trusted partner. We are respected by all levels of the orga- nization, from management planning for the future, procurement/purchasing, and front-line teams.
  • We have a global team hitting all time zones so we could organize territories and accounts so we can connect during client time zones.
  • Sale Reps own direct phone# and custom sales link in our signatures for when we leave voicemails to help build relationships, recognize quota, and speed up sales.
  • Marketing on LinkedIn for our top-selling products, posts of success stories (customer references from known brands), and posts of products. We can be the Intrinsically Safe Advisors on LinkedIn and other marketing/social media platforms. CRM alerts and au- tomation for all orders that are already dispatched or delivered so we may get their feedback and contin- ue to farm in the future


  • We have a 99% approval rating on all rating sites and a Net Promoter Score of +80.
  • Industry leading metrics for referrals by taking a “what would we do if we were only referral driven?” approach and routinely are improving our >50% of customers referring business and growing their pur- chase by +100% YoY.
  • NPS at >70, 4.8 Google Customer Reviews, Clean BBB, and other customer review sites that could impact our reputation
  • Time to value per order is – shipping speed at <7 days
  • Our clients understand clearly what our brand promise is and they say that we over-deliver with every interaction. Our clients feel grateful that we are helping them, and we feel grateful for the role that we play in their growth.
  • Our clients acknowledge the clear, true value we deliver by offering more opportunities to our custom- er service teams that rival even the best sales teams in the industry.
  • Our success managers are the face of our compa- ny and the direct line of contact for clients. They lead with a tech-enabled but high-touch model to truly un- derstand our clients’ frustrations, challenges, goals, and dreams and go above and beyond to delight our clients. This allows us to focus on continuous improvement.

OUR public


  • Because our end-to-end user experience is beau- tiful, simple, and automated, our clients continue to use our e-commerce system to complete the entire sales and fulfillment process. We are routinely mak- ing +$100k orders via the automated system. Our clients are happy, safe, productive and refer others to us.
  • The entire process from the first time a client touches our marketing to when they open the prod- uct, they feel a WOW and trusted wave of emotion. Clients continually come to us with new opportuni- ties that we hadn’t before imagined, and we are able to deliver great results repeatedly, continuously, and profitably. Some clients even pay us to manage new product R&D to support their projects.
  • New Clients are surprised by our high-quality products, fair pricing, and excellent customer service. A common reaction is, “Wow! Where was this service before? Thank you! Can you please help us and our other location with our next project?”
  • The ideal client profile is crystal clear clarity on who we will focus on vs. ignore and how to filter the highest profit prospects and customers. We have a streamlined process to point any non-ideal custom- ers to so they can self-service and work towards being an ideal customer. We have a clear, proven process to aggressively court and build intimate relationships as we know the way our customers feel about us is just as important as what we charge.


  • Clearly understand what market tide is rising with detailed understanding of what products are being purchased. E.g. digital transformation, IOT, internet, automation, mobility, connected worker, and remote monitoring.
  • Understand the market size and movement through deep analysis – clear and compelling bets on categories and products to ensure we win and focus on the best.
  • Understand industry trends and movement – when are things happening and be ahead of our custom- ers’ needs and wants through customer forecasts and deep customer data to understand what they buy a lot of and need, major industry news, events, and customer turnaround schedules. Enabling us to partner and plan with customers to be the go-to supplier for their projects.
  • Be able to forecast demand and profitability down to the new category, supplier, and product-level.
  • Clear path of how customers move through all our offerings and become ideal customers, including multiple gateway purchases to upsells, retention, market share, and referrals through us making them successful.
  • Understand internal merchandising and RFM anal- ysis to deeply understand the merchandising pro- cess so that our top products, suppliers, and margins allow us to squeeze every penny out of the operations. We have regular reports showing the team how we use this data intelligently.
  • We have a successful formula to publish content and track our highest profit items. Our content is the best in the business, and we outrank everyone easily.
  • >25% of our sales every year from items intro- duced within the last 12 months.
  • We have the most complete product catalog in the industry with the best content. Partners are paying us marketing development fund so we are getting paid to create content which is typically a cost center. New suppliers are banging on our door with highly profitable items that they give us exclusive access to.
  • Our supplier partners offer fast, reliable, and better shipping times, quality products, and generous mar- gins without us having to commit to volume financial- ly to.They offer this because of our brand trust and unique offering.
  • They understand and appreciate the value that we offer and pay us for the privilege of visibility on our marketing.


  • The industry genuinely appreciates us, and suppliers want more access to us.
  • 5 times a month, the industry media writes about our growth story and how we’ve disrupted Grainger, Total Safety, and other large companies.
  • We are frequently approached by private equity and other strategic firms that wish to purchase the value we have created.
  • We’ve made the INC. 5000 list every year for be- ing one of the nation’s fastest-growing privately held companies.
  • Clear and easy process to capture free industry media and PR.
  • Our “People First” work culture has rewarded us with a spot on the Houston and global media’s Top Workplaces list, “The Best Place to Work According to Employees.”
  • Analyst reports put us at #1 in the industry above ECOM, EATON, and other known major players.
  • We are leveraging all industry media so that we look like the titan in the industry and the clear fast- est-growing winner.


  • Our competitors envy our low internal costs, growth rates, and high market value.
  • They can’t keep up in sales, are going out of business, and are handing us market share and great clients.
  • We have declared war on them and called them out, attack them and declare why we are better by taking their existing markets and beating them to capturing newly created markets. Team understands why this is and why we are either winning or loos- ing market share. Everyone understands the score enabling us to know if we are winning.
  • We actively engaged in ways to break their will to fight us. We have set strategies to actively hire our competitors’ best people to crush their capabilities and add them to ours. We are at a cost advantage in all our areas or at least matching their areas. Their best people apply to our team, offering an abun- dance of opportunities.
  • Routinely analyze and audit competitors and other companies to learn great ideas and implement them.
  • We are actively acquiring struggling competitors’ customers because they know they can’t compete as we have out-strategized and out-executed them in every way.
  • Our competitors hate us as we are winning, and they can’t fight back. However, this hate is actually deep respect as they are impressed with what we have built.
  • Clear Competitive landscape for our team to un- derstand how we are different and win over every- one.



Our Integrator/COO ensures we stay true to our path by building a strong, scalable foundation through the management and execution of daily operations. We continually execute at the highest level and achieve new measures of success because:

  • We are aligned on what our position is and what makes us different, we understand our capabilities, and we have strong processes to boost our capabilities
  • Our execution discipline is our driving force with a focus on Excellence, not Success. Excellence keeps you successful over the long term. Outstanding work requires outstanding commitment, intellectual compound interest
  • We have disciplined focus, the fewest moves to sharpen the focus, constantly taking away things and sequencing
  • We are stepping back and digging into the analysis before making decisions. Diligently going through our decision making frameworks and mental models to ensure make better deci- sions.
  • Routinely checking that our Rockafella check- list and routine procedures are active with the process and rhythm audits scoring >95%
  • We leverage the best tools and methodologies to simplify and make our jobs exciting and purposeful.
  • We use the best coaching to identify where we can improve at any time.
  • We update and daily refer to our one-page strategic vision, procedures, decision matrices, and real-time automated KPIs to ensure we are aligned and tracking toward our goals.
  • All team members understand and are excit- ed about our three-year vivid vision. We have visually clear annual, quarterly, and weekly plans on how we plan to make it happen. At any time, our team can tell anyone what we are working on, why, and how we are doing.
  • Our daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings are highly efficient. Everyone on the team is trained on how we meet with an agenda and on time.
  • We have a framework for how we make decisions. We execute at the same caliber as the highest-performing teams on the planet.
  • Our internal communications are focused and in a rhythm to allow everyone to perform at a high level.
  • We know our return on investment for our activities and how each one of our new projects will impact the profitable growth of the team.
  • Our uniform systems and procedures pass the hit-by-a-bus test, and anyone can step into someone else’s role and quickly help if needed.
  • Because of our excellent results, Rockefeller Habits, Traction, and other business leaders use us as a case study of superb output capability.
  • All people and roles have clearly filled out and understood value drivers with a plan including outcome, leading indicator, and lead- ing activities.
  • Our people are always looking at results and constantly testing and changing activities. as we know the secret is = Think, plan, con- sistently execute and worry about the risks to mitigate them.
  • Moments of Truth – We stay elevated by build- ing resilience and adaptability ahead of crises, detecting them early, and finding opportunities in them.
  • All people and roles have clearly filled out and understood value drivers with a plan including outcome, leading indicator, and leading activities.
  • Simplified everyone’s number to 1-2 numbers that drive GM that they are monitoring daily. Simplified and visualized the dashboard so anyone (an outsider) can quickly understand how the business works and is doing at any moment.
  • We have clear and industry-leading tools for Innovation and learning so we can continue and improve and create value through strong train- ing 100% done, 100% of the Time, and in 100% of scenarios, easily via simple to use put powerful knowledge management. Frameworks for innovation and experimentation
  • Our communication is in Async and in a constant rhythm so all team members can feel the pulse of what is happening in the business.
  • People are following the procedures and continually updating them, so we are all aligned on the best way of executing.


  • >100% growth year on year, 1M people impact- ed with 1M units sold
  • >$30M in revenue, modeled out to $1B. Gross Margin at >25% and >18% net margin, strong cash flow with both strong new and existing customer growth
  • Modeled and executed within 2% of forecast to predict the future
  • ROIC clearly tracked and exceed >100% with clear allocation process to double down
  • ACV growth increase on 90% of customers
  • Price increase acceptance of 90% per year
  • Sell 80% of new products per year
  • Upsell 80% of customers with 20% increase per transaction
  • Our financial reporting is on time, accurate, and simple to read allowing the team to spot areas which we can improve.
  • Our finance team is providing forward-looking actionable data to assist each area of the com- pany in making the best decisions possible
  • Our balance sheet is extremely healthy, and we’re sharing our success with the team.
  • Every line item in our financials has an owner who provides clear and consistent reporting on how their actions improve it.
  • Our monthly ownership meeting runs great, and everyone is prepared and excited to discuss ways to grow even faster every month.
  • All operational areas have Real-time Key activity drivers modeled to mimic the operations. Ratios are clearly understood to focus resources with everyone understands and can explain how the business works.
  • We understand where are we in relation to competitors and beating them in all areas
  • Financial Audit process to ensure our books are accurate and trusted by 3rd parties with a strong quality of earning report.
  • Clear understanding of cash and growth curve to keep us in a healthy balance sheet position.
  • CFO is constantly showing ways that they are a profit center using advanced financial strate- gies for Tax and accounting with all accounting metrics on-time 99% of the time with Bad debt, AP, and AR management at great levels.


  • As a technology company, our in-house IT team consists of highly-esteemed developers who maximize efficiencies by automating an ex- ceptional client and internal team experience.
  • We believe in using world-class technology to maintain a reliable, scalable, and organized method of delivering our products and support- ing our team. We leverage the best third-party solutions available to keep our work focused, costs lean, and change easy.
  • We continue to live our experiment culture by embedding new technology in everything we do, using the latest AI and code to leverage human activity, streamline processes and pro- vide inhuman valuable insights. We are running circles around competitors, given our tech enabled tech enabled culture.
  • We have a clear and accurate source of truth, so our team and our clients understand what is going on. We can watch in real-time as an anonymous click travels from the first touch to lifetime customer value in our financials. This includes seamless and real-time integrations between all systems, including marketing, sales, ordering, fulfillment, financials, and customer success.
  • Our best-practice security measures mean our team members, suppliers, and clients do not worry about a breach or disaster event.


  • We do not have any legal issues with our clients because our terms are clear and easy to understand. Chargebacks are .01% of transac- tions, and we feel confident about how we do business.


The Intrinsically Safe Store is a team of amazing people who care about the safety of their clients, the growth of their company, the development of their teammates, and the quality of their own work. Above all else, they actively seek ways to improve themselves and the world around them.


I am excited and deeply appreciative to see this day come and share all the success we have created as a team.

I grew up in a small town in Canada and was lucky enough to learn from my family the value of having dreams for the future and the discipline of hard work it takes to get there.

Each day, I wake up full of energy, excit- ed but with a peaceful sense of purpose and certainty that our work is serving and expanding the potential of our world. I am confident that the team is moving in the right direction and making the impact we have set out to make in our families, com- munities, industries, and within ourselves. Our work continues to motivate me to expand, electrify and clarify our vision and uphold a culture of excellence that empowers people to be better than they ever thought possible and do their lives best work.

Being surrounded by such amazing people who are aligned with our purpose, values, and ways of living is inspiring and humbling. Daily, I appreciate, have fun, and enjoy our success while continually exploring ways to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually to better the life

of my family, myself, and my team. I am coached by the best in personal, family, and business development, who challenge me to think bigger and differently.

My work interests span across multiple projects all with the purpose of expand- ing my own and humanities potential. With the future being limitless in my mind, the bulk of my time is spent learning, building relationships, and creating. But you’ll also find me in our strategy meetings, listening to our clients or coaching a team member.

With health, wealth and happiness,
James McDonough