Learning About Antenna Couplers

All devices need to have the proper protection when they are exposed to a hazardous environment.  This can include large machines, but it also includes antenna couplers.  

Now, you may be wondering what exactly are antenna couplers?  

Antenna couplers are known by many names, including antenna tuners and matching networks.  This is the device that is connected between a radio transmitter(produces radio waves) and the antenna.  You may be wondering why your business needs an intrinsically safe antenna coupler?  Similar to all other intrinsically safe materials, it depends on the business in which you are working.   

More details regarding Antenna couplers explain their purpose.  Antenna couplers seem very pointless at first glance, but taking a deeper look can explain why they are needed. This planet is filled with several wavelengths.  When you need a certain wavelength to perform a function, it’s going to be difficult to get the right wavelength.  Antenna couplers were created so that the correct wavelength can be harnessed to perform the desired function in a company.  Using the power of waves is beneficial if it is done properly.  At Intrinsically Safe Store, we have intrinsically safe antenna couplers on our website for purchase, and the next few paragraphs will go into detail about these products.


There are many classifications that go into determining if something is intrinsically safe.  On our website, we have another blog post here, which goes into detail about Class 1, Division 2 (C1 D2).  The C1 D2   can apply to motors depending on the circumstances.  Class 1 focuses on locations that deal with hazardous materials, such as vapors, gases, and liquids.  Division 2 focuses on the fact that while products can be used in hazardous materials, they don’t normally come into contact with explosion-prone materials.

Looking Into an Example We Sell on Our Website

An example that we have on our website goes into depth with the reasons why an intrinsically safe antenna coupler is designed specifically for hazardous environments.  In summary, this specific coupler is to be used in explosion-prone environments.  

Additionally, dangerous energy that exists in certain environments is blocked by the coupler from going to the antenna and can be used to remove the antenna.  This coupler also has protection from short circuits, and it is also made to protect the environment.   This coupler is ATEX and ICeX certified, so this is another confirmation that this product is intrinsically safe to use.  If you are interested in reading further into the specifications for this specific product, here is a link to the detail of this product’s certification.  More certifications exist on the link that was mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph, reposted here for your convenience.

Explosion Proof vs Intrinsically Safe

Explosion Proof antenna barriers, which are antenna couplers, are another type of couplers.  They differ from intrinsically safe antenna barriers because of the fundamental difference between intrinsically safe and explosion-proof.

As you can see… 

Antenna couplers, while aren’t thought about as much as other machines like the right desktops or the right tablets, they still serve an important purpose in the hazardous workplace.   They capture the right waveform at the right frequency.  Intrinsically Safe antenna couplers have extra features, such as proper certifications and the ones that we have on our website are trusted by brands such as Exxon.  There also exists explosion-proof barriers, and they differ from intrinsically safe barriers because of the difference between explosion-proof and intrinsically safe as a whole.  Check out our website for antenna couplers! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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