The concept of an intrinsically safe pencil may throw you off.  You might say, “Oh, you don’t NEED pencils. You can easily use tablets or phones to write down information.”   While it’s certainly good to write down information, an intrinsically safe(IS) pencil is different. It cannot help with writing down details because its job isn’t to do so. Instead, it serves other purposes. A normal pencil just won’t cut it because it doesn’t have the amazing features an IS pencil has.  The article will focus on the certifications and the example of an intrinsically safe pencil and will ultimately explain the purpose of an intrinsically safe pencil.

Going over an Intrinsically Safe Pencil


Intrinsically Safe Certifications


Another thing to note is that IS pencils have the right materials built into them and are properly certified.  “What exactly do you mean by properly certified?” you may ask.  “How can something like a pencil be properly certified?” is another potential question that you could come up with.  Let’s take a look at one of our products to find out.


Let’s get into the product!


The product that we are going to take a look at is called the Intrinsically Safe Pencil Ecom Magnet-Ex 12.   This product is ATEX Zone 1 Certified, and Class 1 Division 1 certified.  These specifications are essential for a product to be intrinsically safe.  Note, The Intrinsically Safe Store only sells products that are in fact, intrinsically safe.  If you have doubts regarding the certifications, taking a look at the details here can help clear things up regarding what the ATEX certifications are.  


IP 54 Meaning


One more thing that should be taken into account is the IP Protection rating IP54.  What exactly does this mean?  Does it mean intellectual property?  That is the first thing that I jumped to when I first saw this term.  This isn’t the case, however. The IP54 rating means that this product is protected from dust entering it.  When you are working in an environment where dust and debris are prominent, which would be in a hazardous environment, this pencil ensures that the dust doesn’t get into the pen.  


Other Benefits


Another benefit of the IP54 rating is that this pencil is also “Protected from water spray from any direction.”  What this means is that if the pencil is hit with water, it should be fine.  In other words, this pencil is waterproof.  

An extra benefit mentioned on our site here for the Intrinsically Safe Pencil Ecom Magnet-Ex 12 is that the probe can show if certain magnets are activated or not in your system.  There is a built-in test magnet that this pencil can use.  Also, this pencil can be used to test transformers, relays, valves, among other things.  Check out our site for more information. It was poted at the beginning of this paragraph and is reposted here for your convenience  It can be a very helpful tool.


As You Can See…


It is clear that IS pencils have benefits that are essential in the workplace.  They can detect if magnets are activated in a circuit or not, and they can test out important aspects of work environments such as transformers.   The pencils also have strong features in other places, such as protection against dust and the feature of being waterproof, at least in the example of the Intrinsically Safe Pencil Ecom Magnet-Ex 12.  Clearly, there is more to IS pencils than what meets the eye. 



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