Explosion-proof lighting refers to lighting fixtures that prevent produced sparks from igniting the flammable and explosive gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, explosion-proof lighting does not refer to lighting equipment that is resistant to explosions. Instead, it references the capacity to prevent external explosive reactions from occurring in a hazardous location.


Brief Specifics and Parts

Explosion-proof (Ex-proof) lighting fixtures encase within a thick frame made from sturdy material like steel or aluminum. Also, Ex-proof lighting fixtures have highly durable lenses that can withstand harsh conditions and prevent cracks that result in leaks.


Explosion Proof Lighting Usage

There are some common misconceptions about explosion-proof lights that are worth addressing. For example, many people assume that these lights work by blocking out all gases or vapors so that the hazardous area never comes in contact with live electrical power, even if the light were to break. However, that is typically not the case. Explosion-proof lights do not have to be “air-tight” to perform their function. Moreover, many explosion-proof lights will allow gases into projected light itself. The purpose of their construction is to prevent explosions caused by dangerous gasses and ignitions. These reactions can also cause harm to workers and further ignition in the hazardous area. So, before submerging your explosion-proof light to clean it off, it’s best to check with the manufacturer to see whether this is acceptable.

For Safety and Efficiency

We encourage you to incorporate explosion-proof lights if your business operates in a confined space at a hazardous location. Moreover, the low visibility and mobility of confined spaces, such as oil rigs and petrochemical plants, makes it necessary to install explosion-proof lights to carry out maintenance and inspection.

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