Intrinsically Safe Wearables


Intrinsic safety (IS) is a design and protection technique for safe operation of electrical and electronic equipment in hazardous locations by limiting the electrical or thermal energy to limits that cannot cause ignition of explosive gases, even under a fault condition in the device.

Zone 1 hazardous areas include petrochemical plants, but also include pharmaceutical, food (grain silos and sugar processing) and cosmetic manufacturing, all of which involve processing potentially explosive substances.  Use cases for these devices include remote mentoring via video collaboration, hands-free document navigation, guided workflow and IoT visualization from process control systems.

Choose from the intrinsically safe portable infrared and HD camera, Intrinsically Safe Headset designed to provide the performance of a heavy duty headset in a high noise environment without all of the weight and bulk, to the Intrinsically Safe Wearable Computer powered by Android™ + WearHF hands-free interface. It is the world’s first intuitive and fully hands-free wearable tablet.

Free yourself from scrolling, swiping and tapping as our Intrinsically Safe Wearable are optimized for hands-free voice control. Drop tested, temperatures tested, water tested and explosion tested, our wearables feature unmatched voice controlled operating system designed for environments as loud as 100dB and access document augmented reality workflows and hands-free video conferencing.

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