Flameproof means that the item to which they refer will be constructed in such a way that an internal ignition of a flammable atmosphere will not be transmitted outside of the enclosure, thereby preventing the ignition of surrounding flammables. Flameproof is a preferred method of protection when the electrical equipment may potentially have high energy arcing or sparking components in normal operation and therefore the formation of an explosion when in a hazardous atmosphere is not easily avoided.


Flameproof design is one of the explosion protection technique extensively used for light fittings, JBs, motors in hazardous areas. This is certified by IEC but is predominantly followed in India and is also governed by local IS standards.


In order to be certified as explosion or flameproof, the enclosure must be strong enough not to fracture or distort under the internal pressures generated in order to contain explosions and prevent propagation. When testing a product for explosion proof protection, it will have to undergo several actual explosions within simulated environments.


The terms ‘explosion proof’ and ‘flameproof’ are largely interchangeable. Although there are some subtle differences, engineers and the market in general usually use both terms to mean the same thing, i.e. a piece of electrical equipment designed for use in a hazardous area by means of heavy-duty enclosure.


Explosion proof enclosure.
Explosion proof enclosure.

The key purpose of these enclosures is to protect the surrounding environment outside the enclosure by having the ability to contain any sparks or explosions within the enclosure itself. The enclosure itself must also be heat resistant to high heat so that any fire does not escape the enclosure itself. Thus, using flameproof enclosures would serve as a safety measure so that any equipment that is malfunctioning might generate sparks and prevent these sparks from igniting any external flammable gases in hazardous environments.



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