An explosion-proof fan is an industrial fan that can handle flammable gases and other solid materials that might combust if they’re in a high concentration. So, if you work in an area where there’s a lot of combustible gas or dust, you should consider using explosion-proof fans to keep everyone safe. This post will present some of the high-rated options we have in the Intrinsically Safe catalog.

RamFan XP500 – Explosion Proof Fan Motor

Explosion-Proof Fans Options For Hazardous Areas

The XP500 Electric Blower is built with an explosion-proof motor for use in areas where potentially explosive gases are unlikely to be present; this ensures a safer work environment. In addition, PowerSteam air straighteners produce a powerful, focused beam of air that can be set back further from a structure’s entrance, allowing for greater PPV coverage. This equipment presents multiple functions. Check some of them:

  • ATEX-certified as safe for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  •  TurboForce balanced impeller for enhanced shatter resistance and PPV performance.
  • Optional Integrated Mister
  • WIDE-Trac semi-pneumatic urethane tires easily roll over mud or rough terrain.

This particular explosion-proof fan has its application for fire rescue service. It is one of the best-rated equipment in the ex-proof fans segment from our catalog. Also, you will find different sizes and applications fans that will undoubtedly attend to your needs.

Explosion Proof Fan Canarm SD10-XPF

Explosion-Proof Fans Options For Hazardous Areas

The Canarm LFI’s explosion-proof fan design aims to provide years of quality service. The explosion-proof fans are built using the brand’s “Standard Fan” housing and motor mount as the basis for design, ensuring a quality product. Therefore, each fan has an efficient, economically priced, explosion-proof motor that conforms to all safety standards:


This fan has a ball-bearing motor that provides high efficiency and long life. Its blades are heavy gauge aluminum, while the steel housing is powder-coated for durability. In addition, the shutters have nylon bushings for long life, and the heavy wire chrome plated OSHA guards on the intake sides of fans prevent accidents.

Explosion Proof Fan Atlantic Blowers ABAF-32-110E

Explosion-Proof Fans Options For Hazardous Areas

The Atlantic Blowers ABAF-32-110SE Explosion-Proof Fan, certified Class 1,2 Division 1-2, is an axial tube fan that produces 14126 CFM of airflow and 2 inH2O of pressure. Dual frequency (50/60 Hz) allows for use in much low pressure and high airflow applications. Also, the lobed blade shape creates a more laminar flow, which creates a smoother and more consistent airflow, allowing the air to flow smoothly and eliminating pulsing. The outer portion of the blade does most of the work because it rotates faster than other parts of the fan and moves lots of air at high-efficiency rates—that way, the more direct airflow at a high-efficiency speed, saving you money and increasing performance.

Features and benefits:

  • Lightweight Diecast Aluminum Alloy
  • Low noise (61db-82db)
  • Energy Efficient
  • Adjustable blade pitch
  • Convenient to move with handle or wheels

Also, installing your explosion-proof Axial fans in a well-ventilated area below 104 degrees Fahrenheit will require almost zero maintenance. In addition, the motors are 2 Pole TEFC, meaning they are efficient and highly resistant to dust and other potential contaminants.

To conclude, explosion-proof fans are ideal for operations and industries with combustible gases or vapors in the air. These units feature sturdy construction and enclosures that enable them to contain an internal explosion without exploding. In addition, the intrinsically safe design includes spark-resistant characteristics, electrical components with low surface temperatures, and more. So, visit our store to check out our extensive range of certified products!