What is the best Industrial Fan? An explosion-proof fan is a device that you can use in industrial settings to handle flammable gases and other solid materials. So, if you work in an area with a lot of combustible gas or dust, you should consider using explosion-proof fans to keep everyone safe.

Therefore, to satisfy even the strictest criteria, the Intrinsically Safe Store offers a large assortment of explosion-proof fans. No matter where it is used, you can count on our industrial fan to work dependably and safely since we work with the best-combined quality manufacturers! Our ATEX and IECEx-compliant industrial fans are manufactured with premium materials, carefully tested, and intended to generate airflow in potentially explosive settings. Also, these fans are perfect for a wide range of applications, including boilers, chemical processing facilities, oil refineries, and other industrial facilities that need to use explosion-proof machinery.

What it takes to make your Hazardous Area safe with an Industrial Fan

It is crucial to realize that there is no such thing as an explosion “proof” fan; the only system that is truly explosion-proof is one in which there is never any chance of explosions. A possibility of igniting will always exist in situations where is handled. So, it can only be diminished and minimized by using clever material and design choices.

It’s important to precisely define the explosion risk of your system and its surroundings as well as other application-specific requirements in order to identify the correct fan without getting too hung up on classifications. Also keep in mind that there are numerous different types of fans, both large and small, as well as fans that feature explosion-proof components but may not be completely explosion-proof.

We’ve got a variety of explosion-proof fans that can meet even the most stringent requirements, so you know you’re getting quality manufacturing.

Curtiss-Wright COPPUS Double-Duty Heat Killer Ventilators

ISS answer what is the best industrial fan

The most potent and versatile portable air mover on the market right now, with airflows of up to 17,000 cfm (28,890 m3/hr), is the Curtiss-Wright COPPUS Double-Duty Heat Killer (DDHK) Ventilator. The revolutionary, changeable guide vane design, which can also produce everything from a gentle breeze to cool people to a concentrated jet blast to cool products and processes, enables airflow management.


  • Heavy-duty, rugged steel housing and frame
  • Hazardous location switches and motors meet NEC Class I, Division I, Group D and Class II, Division I, Groups F, and G specifications
  • Thermal overload protection on motors

Explosion Proof Fan Atlantic Blowers ABAF-24-110E

ISS answer what is the best industrial fan

Presenting the Class 1 Division 2 Single Phase Axial Fan from Atlantic Blowers, the ABAF-24-110SE. Many high-airflow and low-pressure applications can make use of it. The maximum flow from this tube axial fan is 9182 CFM. 2.2 inH2O of pressure is the maximum. It produces 3 HP (2.2 kW) of power and runs at speeds of 3000 or 3600 RPM (50/60 Hz dual frequency). Also, the voltage ranges from 110V to 120V. At a distance of 3 feet, the fan will create 79 decibels of noise. In addition, the impeller has a 24′′ diameter.


  • Class 1 Division 2
  • Convenient to move with handle or wheels
  • Low noise
  • Diameter 24 inches

RamFan EFi75xx – 12″ Explosion Proof Fan

ISS answer what is the best industrial fan

RamFan EFi75xx, a 12″ explosion-proof fan with whole-unit certification that complies with rating requirements, is perfect for use in hazardous environments. In addition to safeguarding the user, whole-unit certification frees the suppliers from being linked to the chain of accountability.


  • IECEx
  • IP55 watertight rain switch enclosure
  • ATEX Zone 1
  • Extended power cord


To conclude, explosion-proof fans are ideal for operations and industries with combustible gases or vapors in the air. They feature sturdy construction and enclosures that enable them to contain an internal explosion without exploding, spark-resistant characteristics, electrical components with low surface temperatures, and more. Therefore, visit our store to check out our extensive range of certified products. We are at your disposal!