Intrinsically safe lighting is a requirement for industrial facilities with hazardous locations. Personnel working in such environments require specialized sources of illumination, from tactical torches and flashlights to headlamps, to see well and operate in dark or low-light, potentially explosive areas. At Intrinsically Safe Store, we offer a broad range of explosion proof lighting fixtures that protect employees in hazardous industrial, mining, or manufacturing operations.

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Fact 1: There are various techniques that are used to ensure the construction and design of intrinsically safe lighting. 

Typically, hazardous area lighting fixtures are certified as Class 1 Division 1, Class 1 Division 2, ATEX Zone 1, or ATEX Zone 2. Such certification determines that the equipment is safe for use in areas with ignitable concentrations of explosive substances like vapor, dust, gas, or fibers. As such, manufacturers of these devices must employ appropriate design and construction techniques to ensure that their products are safe for use in confined spaces or poorly ventilated areas with combustible substances.

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For example, the construction of an explosion proof lamp prevents any explosion within it from spreading to the explosive atmosphere outside it, which may trigger a secondary explosion. To achieve this, a manufacturer may use a sturdy housing that encloses any burning gases inside. Other designs may use tempered glass to trap sparks, static discharges, and other possible ignition sources, averting catastrophic contact with flammable gases or vapors in the external environment.

Fact 2: Intrinsically safe lighting design also minimizes the risk of a device blowing up.

For instance, a hazardous area certified torch may incorporate a heat dissipation mechanism to prevent its surface temperature from exceeding acceptable levels for its operating environment or location. That’s important because an overheating lighting fixture can ignite flammable gases in its immediate surroundings.

Consider equipping your employees with intrinsically safe lighting fixtures to enhance their safety when working in low-light, hazardous areas. Our store offers different types of these industrial-grade illuminants, certified for use in confined spaces, poorly-ventilated locations, and other spaces with flammable gases and vapors.

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  1. How do you know if your flashlight is intrinsically safe? Are there identifying characteristics on the flashlight?

  2. Are you confusing the term instrinsically safe (not enough energy to produce a spark) with the term explosion proof ( prevents explosion by containing spark or source of ignition)

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