Why do you need an intrinsically safe case when working in hazardous areas?

Intrinsically safe cases for mobile devices are a matter of necessity rather than luxury in most manufacturing facilities with explosive atmospheres. With mobility becoming as crucial to successful industrial operations as transformational technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud, companies in the sector have to offer their employees mobile tools that are safe to bring to environments with combustible gas or dust in the air.


Our intrinsically safe cases address this challenge by protecting gadgets like smartphones and tablets from exposure to flammable substances. Such protection enables the safe use of mobile devices in areas designated as Class 1 Division 1, Class 1 Division 2, C1 D1, C1 D2, ATEX Zone 1, and ATEX Zone 2.


The design of the explosion proof cases we offer is ideal for locations where flammable gases, vapor, or fine particles might accidentally enter the case of a mobile electronic gadget, potentially causing an explosion or a fire due to a spark or hot surface. If there’s an explosion, the protective enclosure contains it inside, shielding the surrounding atmosphere against the ignition of combustible materials.

XCRiPad Air 10.5 Inch Case from Xciel Front and Back Image

So, if you operate in a hazardous environment, and you let your employees use smartphones or tablets to do official work, you need to provide them with protective, hazardous-area-certified cases. The hard-wearing, anti-shock enclosures enable personnel to be more productive and flexible doing official assignments in locations with potentially explosive atmospheres, from scanning assets and auditing inventories to inspecting equipment using protected mobile gadgets.

Intrinsically safe iPhone 8 Plus Case ATEX Zone 2 Parts

By using our intrinsically safe cases for mobile devices in the workplace, you’re protecting life and property. You’re minimizing the risk of expensive smartphones and tablets blowing up due to contact with explosive materials in the environment. And you’re boosting personnel safety in hazardous areas.

XCiPhone 8 from Xciel Zone 2 Certified

At Intrinsically Safe Store, we offer different types of explosion proof cases for iOS and Android devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy. Browse our catalog below for superior-quality products!

Intrinsically Safe Cell Phone iPhone XR Use in Zone 1 Area

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