Discover the main justifications for using an intrinsically safe phone case in the following content. Many businesses have serious concerns about workplace safety. Therefore, managers are constantly looking for ways to guarantee worker safety. Assuring that mobile devices and other gadgets used for data collecting do not pose a fire and explosion danger in the workplace is an efficient way to increase workplace safety.

Why does your phone need an Intrinsically safe phone case?

There is a serious risk while using a smartphone in a dangerous environment. As a result, some businesses prohibit using phones in certain settings. However, since phones have become an essential component of how people work, this severely reduces productivity. So, how can you improve your productivity without risking the safety of your staff?

It’s possible that you don’t remember hearing of any smartphone combustion or explosions in the news, on social media, or from friends. This lowers the possibility of igniting in models of the iPhone and other intrinsically safe devices. Although they might still crack or shatter, they won’t catch fire. That same amount of protection should be provided by your phone case, especially if it has features like built-in charging, WiFi hotspot, or VPN. Intrinsically safe phone cases safeguard people and property by lowering the possibility of fires and explosions. In addition, utilizing these cases increases personnel safety in hazardous areas since they reduce the possibility of explosions.

By considerably reducing the danger of harm, making your phone intrinsically safe can increase its shelf life. In addition, this device protection is appropriate for usage in demanding situations where they might be jostled, soiled, or utilized outside.

Xciel iPhone 11 Case ATEX Zone 2

Xciel Intrinsically safe phone case

iPhone cases that are intrinsically safe shield your device against water, electric shock, vibration, dust, and other hazards. With this case, your phone will be fully waterproof, and your camera will function normally. In both indoor and outdoor settings, these characteristics make phone use safe, and they are especially advised for industrial jobs that could subject them to potentially harmful conditions. The strongest, most dependable, intrinsically safe phone case for your iPhone 11 is here. Bring your iPhone 11 to Zone 2 and Class 1 Division 2 hazardous locations with ease and assurance. More features of this intrinsically safe phone case are below:

  • External buttons for power, volume, and mute
  • Labels for certification, safety, and tempering
  • Lightweight and compact phone solution
  • Lightning connector charging
  • Class 1 Division 2
  • Camera cover with transparent lens protection
  • Bluetooth features compatible
  • Certified ATEX Zone 2

This is one of the best ways to protect your phone from explosions. Smartphones in this kind of case are also shielded against contact with flammable materials.

About the Manufacturer

The manufacturer of intrinsically safe products and explosion-proof components for mobile electronics like smartphones and tablets that can endure the rigors of harsh environments is Xciel Inc. You can trust them to provide you with tools that offer complete protection against sparks, shocks, dust, vibrations, and water, whether you operate on a construction site or in an oil and gas facility.

They toughen and certify commercial-grade products to enable their use in hazardous areas. Rugged mobile devices that can withstand the extreme circumstances seen in dangerous places are designed and manufactured by the reputed company Xciel Inc.


These are a few benefits of utilizing intrinsically safe phone cases. Fortunately, utilizing protective cases is not a novel concept, as 79% of smartphone owners currently use a protective cover (per Statista). There is, therefore, no reason why you shouldn’t purchase an intrinsically safe phone case, even if your workplace appears to be just minimally risky. Additionally, the Intrinsically Safe Store provides a large variety of intrinsically safe phone cases to protect your electronic devices. Our goal is to provide you with the top safe solutions. Therefore, you can rely on our team of specialists to give you all the information you require if you need help choosing the perfect product.