Can using an intrinsically safe cell phone case be beneficial? In this post, let’s see what difference it makes using this level of protection on your mobile device. 

It’s common to see people looking for protective cases for their devices. Of course, we always seek to extend the shelf life, especially when using the device at work. Your device may suffer damages such as battery overheating and damage from dust, water, and drops in a working environment, among others.

However, if your workplace has airborne contamination from flammable gases or other chemical components, you’ll need a higher level of protection for your mobile device.

The Intrinsic Safety Method

‘Intrinsically safe’ refers to a safety strategy for use in hazardous areas. With the purpose of promoting the proper functioning of your device, the intrinsically safe case will prevent the battery from overheating when you are inside a hazardous area. The case is an alternative to protect your cell phone without compromising the battery. Another option available is the intrinsically safe cell phone, a complete and functional device inside and outside the hazardous environment. 

Knowledging how hazardous areas are classified is essential to understanding what kind of IS equipment you need. Below is an example of the zones and divisions that rank danger areas.

The cost benefit of the Intrinsically safe Case

To protect your device, you need to know which area rating you are. Therefore, when purchasing your IS case, you can ensure it is rated for use in the zone and division you need. To understand the details of certifications, read our Expert guide to Intrinsically Safe. 

How your Intrinsically safe case works

Of course, the intrinsically safe case is not the same as conventional cases. The case wraps your entire device to ensure all the protection you need. Its protection goes beyond the risk of falling or damage from use. Its design ensures that your device will function normally, so you can access all your data without changing devices every time. It also provides that your mobile is safe from dust, water, shocks, and vibrations from your working place.

Indeed taking your device well protected to dangerous areas makes you more relaxed. Therefore, the cost-benefit of acquiring this product results in extending the shelf life of your mobile and preventing ignition accidents within your hazardous. So if you don’t want to replace your current cell phone with working in hazardous locations, opt for the intrinsically safe case. 


The excellent performance of intrinsically safe equipment comes from technological research and quality material. In this way, investing will not be a problem knowing that your cost will have a guaranteed return.

The Intrinsically Safe Store offers the best intrinsically safe cases on the market to review your options. Our mission is to bring the best intrinsic safety solutions to you. So check out our catalog and find what you are looking for. We work with brands that value the quality and innovation of IS equipment. So trust our professionals and expert consultants to provide you with all the information you need to find the right product. We will be happy to help you!