Intrinsically safe equipment promotes innovation in safety methods in hazardous areas. In addition, integrating intrinsic safety into your work routine improves the performance and quality of your service. So, in this post, you will see some examples.
Intrinsic safety equipment aims to prevent flammable accidents within a hazardous atmosphere. Over the years, the industrial market has perceived the need to increase safety standards to reduce the risk of material and labor losses. As a result, tragic accidents during simple work operations were common, and you may recall a few cases. However, with the increase in technology and the search for innovation in safety, the recurrence of these accidents has dropped significantly, as suggested by the US government’s official website.

Let’s look at some intrinsically safe equipment options that ensure your safety and productivity within a hazardous zone.

Intrinsically safe phone case

Intrinsically Safe equipment for your hazardous area

In hazardous zones, it’s vital to pay attention to using a mobile device, as the battery presents a significant risk of ignition. For maintaining communication and productivity, a cell phone is a great tool. In order to maintain safety, the intrinsically safe phone case ensures that the battery is well insulated from the explosive atmosphere. This option is practical for those who need to use their device in dangerous areas constantly. See below some of the models available in the Intrinsically Safe Store catalog.

All the options mentioned above are duly certified in the high safety standards required for hazardous areas. To obtain the details of each piece of equipment, click on the respective link or explore our catalog, following the filters for classes and divisions that best apply to your case.

Intrinsically safe handheld computer

Intrinsically Safe equipment for your hazardous area

If you work with data control within an industry, you know how practical it is to have easy access to all the information you need at any time. The advancement of technology within industrial environments is noticeable. However, the workforce is not always available, and relying on technology to automate processes increases productivity. The intrinsically safe handheld computer has features that make everyday work more accessible. Connectivity is essential for good work performance, and you are always equipped with a handheld computer. Below are some of the functions you might find on a handheld computer:

  • Rugged multi-touch capacitive touch
  • Sunlight readability
  • Integrated scan functionality
  • Exchangeable strong battery

The Intrinsically Safe Store has a wide range of handheld computer options to increase productivity and ensure intrinsic safety in your hazardous location.

Intrinsically safe wearable camera

Intrinsically Safe equipment for your hazardous area

Many industries record operations to establish a standard safety procedure as a training measure. This strategy becomes very risky if the material used for this purpose is not intrinsically safe. Likewise, the mobile device, a camera battery, presents a risk of ignition within a hazardous area. Therefore, it will be necessary to integrate a good, intrinsically safe camera option. You have options like the CorDEX ToughPIX EXTREME TP3EX, which is for specific use in a harsh environment. However, a portable camera is the best option when considering an intrinsic safety device for the scenario presented at the beginning of this subtitle. With an intrinsically safe portable camera, the worker will have the freedom to work with both hands. Also, the device can be attached to the helmet, where it will capture images and videos remotely without compromising the user’s focus. Here are some more portable camera functions:

  • Dual camera system with HD optics and thermal imaging technology
  • Multi-use design
  • Efficient cooperation with mobile devices


So, explore our catalog and find the best intrinsic safety solution to meet your needs. The Intrinsically Safe Store works with brands committed to innovation in the area of safety for hazardous environments. So, count on us to find the intrinsically safe equipment for you. In addition, our team of hazardous location experts is available to answer your questions. To conclude, sign up for our newsletter, so you won’t miss the best offers and will be well informed about the best safety strategies in the market.