Explosion-proof equipment is the best option for those who work in Hazardous areas, but do you know how this equipments works? Let’s explore this matter in this post.

When researching for explosion-proof, you might find comparisons with Intrinsically safe equipment. It’s a common question about which safety strategy is the best to apply in hazardous areas. For example, climbers have different plans for their climbs: Different paths in which they have the same goal, but depending on the mountain, one will be better. So before you know which path you’re going to choose, it’s wise to make an assessment.

Definition of “Explosion-Proof”

The EX seal identifies explosion-proof equipment and is a safety strategy adopted for hazardous areas. It is one of the pioneering safety strategies, but its operation still generates curiosity. 

What defines equipment as Ex-proof is the enclosure that can resist explosion and prevent damage in your hazardous location. An explosion can create pressure inside an equipment enclosure. This pressure can dissipate more sparkles and cause an even worse accident. To ensure that the equipment is Ex-proof is required to be certified for the proper safety regulations like NEC, NFPA, UL, and others.

How does explosion-proof equipment work?

This type of equipment is prepared to withstand explosions by gas or steam. So, if the engine generates a spark inside the equipment, its case will be strong enough not to let the explosion dissipate into the external atmosphere. So let’s understand how this design works to ensure that level of safety. 

When an internal explosion occurs in the equipment, the gas expelled with pressure seeks a way out of the enclosure. Knowing this, the design of the Ex-proof equipment allows the gas to cool before leaving it outside.

Its reinforced housing helps dissipate gas internally by cooling it and preventing pressure from escaping. World safety standards approve this method. However, this measure is not enough if the material used for the casing doesn’t have good quality. Minor external damage can jeopardize the product certification and cause accidents. See below for some examples of how the enclosure works.

Explosion-proof Rated Equipment Usage and Requirements

Where you can find Ex-proof equipment

In conclusion, we will emphasize the importance of working only with quality and certified equipment because it is only in this way that you guarantee the safety of your team and your workplace. To comply with this, always research deeply about the certifications governing your location, be aware of your hazardous area classification and ensure proper periodic maintenance for your Explosion-proof equipment.

Remember the climber? If they choose a longer but safer path, they will make sure to take all possible steps to complete their goal. It may be necessary to ask for help from another climber who has already been there. Similarly, our professionals in hazardous areas can help you choose the ideal material to avoid accidents.

At Intrinsically Safe Store, we offer integrated intrinsic safety solutions to ensure safety and promote your development at work. Consult our catalog of explosion-proof equipment, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our team of Experts. It’s always a pleasure to help you!