IVC Industrial Video Security

IVC has been the world’s leading provider of industrial video security and SCADA solutions. Products and solutions from IVC focus on industrial surveillance and monitoring systems for security, productivity, and safety applications. Innovative, open technology platforms are the foundation of our solutions. Operators who must be present in a dangerous environment must be protected by this. Remote monitoring of industrial processes and visual documentation of occurrences and operator activities at locations required to fulfill regulatory criteria imposed by insurance and safety regulating bodies are now possible thanks to the superior video quality.


Corrosive, unclean, and destructive settings such as oil refineries, chemical lab environments, steel mills as well as rocket launch pads, and aerospace engine and testing facilities may be monitored using X-Series cameras. In the event of flammable gas or dust entering the camera cage, these cameras are Class I Division 1 certified and built to contain an explosion (known as an Explosion Proof type of equipment). IVC’s X-Series cameras are built in the United States and are approved by Intertek, a US certification authority.

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