PrestiVac is a forward-thinking designer and producer of technologically sophisticated and high-quality industrial vacuum systems for a broad range of industrial applications. PrestiVac Explosion Proof / Dust Ignition Protected Vacuums are built particularly for vacuuming explosive, flammable, and combustible dust safely. Their explosion-proof/dust-ignition-proof vacuum cleaners are fully grounded and static-free. They are totally constructed of non-sparking metals and have no painted components, eliminating the possibility of fire or explosion caused by a spark or static buildup.


With over 25 years of expertise, PrestiVac is a market leader in the national market, committed to quality and retaining the reputation of “best in class.” PrestiVac promotes the highest standards of safety in the workplace via the use of the most advanced vacuum cleaning system technologies available. PrestiVac Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are renowned for their high-quality, robust stainless steel construction, powerful suction, effective filtration, and user-friendly design. Their industrial vacuum cleaners are ideal for a number of industrial applications, including building maintenance, manufacturing operations, explosion-proof safety, dust cleaning, food processing, automotive, and aerospace.

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