As the global leader in tough peripherals, iKey’s devices are found on board Air Force One as well as in your local hospital. In its early years, iKey was known as Texas Industrial Peripherals, and it served the industrial industry by offering clients a dependable solution for increasing productivity in dusty and unclean environments common around heavy machinery. With its main industrial clients, iKey developed a great reputation for service and quality, and is then extended into other areas, such as logistical and medical, as well as military and public safety sectors. With today’s most complete array of tough computer peripherals from iKey, you’ll be able to take your tablet or smartphone everywhere you go with ease.


Customers can increase productivity with iKey’s cutting-edge solutions since they are the industry’s leading provider of rugged peripherals. They give genuine tailored solutions, real ROI, and real value.  Built to withstand the elements: NEMA 12 through NEMA 4X industrial classifications enable for operation in a wide range of harsh environments.

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