Intrinsically Safe Gas Monitor

The intrinsically safe gas monitors are the ideal solution for the unattended collection of long-term, real-trend ground gas data. With IECEx approval, this gas monitoring system is built to last, featuring an IP68-rated stainless steel case, interchangeable sensors, and battery-powered deployment. Plus, its real-time sensor memory data logging capabilities make it the perfect tool for environmental monitoring applications in a potentially explosive atmosphere. The monitor provides alarm indication and operating parameters for chemical industries, an industrial process taking place in hazardous locations. The Intrinsically Safe Gas Monitor is an electrical apparatus that is used to detect the presence of toxic gases in the air. This gas detector is specifically designed to be used in environments where hydrogen sulfide or nitrogen dioxide may be present. The gas monitor is also able to detect sulfur dioxide levels in the air. This product is ideal for use in industrial settings or in any other environment where toxic gases may be present. The intrinsically safe gas monitor’s sensor module is designed to be used in conjunction with an electrical safety barrier device, making it perfectly safe for use in areas where there is a risk of explosion. The monitor is able to detect gas leaks and notify you immediately, so you can take appropriate action to protect yourself and your property. Additionally, the intrinsically safe design means that the monitor will not create any sparks or heat that could potentially ignite the gas, making it the perfect solution for use in dangerous environments. Don’t take risks with your safety-trust the intrinsically safe gas monitor to keep you safe from harm.

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