It was in 1956 that Kooltronic, Inc. was formed to meet the specific cooling requirements of the growing electronic and computer industries. Engineers of Kooltronics were responsible for the invention of the first sealed enclosure air conditioning systems and heat exchanger systems in the 1960s. Because of this, Kooltronic has grown into a market-leading company that specializes in the creative design and manufacture of forced ventilation and closed-loop cooling for diverse enclosures. Protecting delicate electrical components with cutting-edge technology is what Kooltronic does best.


Due to the company’s concentration on cutting-edge technology, Kooltronic has been successful. NASA, Boeing, Harley Davidson, and the US Air Force all utilize the same cutting-edge software in their design departments, Using this program, They’re able to create every facet of products quickly and affordably while still providing our consumers with the highest possible level of quality. This level of self-sufficiency and control over the production process that Kooltronic has is unparalleled in the industry.

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