AE Light

Leading manufacturer of High Performance Portable Lighting and HID Electronic Ballasts, AE LIGHT has been in business for over 20 years. Their electronic ballasts and portable lights, developed in collaboration with Auerswald Systems and EPL, are utilized in a wide range of high-demand applications that place a premium on both performance and quality. Electronic ballasts for Metal Halide, Xenon, and Mercury HID lamps; portable HID lighting; HID searchlights; solar streetlights; solar outdoor lighting fixtures; powerful LED flashlights; LED tactical flashlights for firefighters; solar outdoor lights; HID flashlights; battery-operated HID spotlights; hazardous area lights; explosion-proof lights; Class 1 Division 1 lights; HID aircraft lighting; and medical lighting fixtures are just some of their products. Designed and built to last a long time with little maintenance.

Portable lighting, solar lights, and electronic ballasts from AE LIGHT are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance in a wide range of high-demand applications. With its unique ability to lift off from the point of no return, the company has built an impressive reputation and strong market position in its field.

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