Tomar Electronics

TOMAR Electronics is a pioneering, family-owned, and operated business that is paving the way with solutions in the industrial, traffic, and automotive industries. From in-house product development to industry-leading delivery times, TOMAR Electronics is a forward-thinking, family-owned, and operated business. TOMAR’s employees, partners, and family are honored to commemorate almost 50 years of life-saving technology and service.


Since 1969, TOMAR has proudly safeguarded those who defend us by developing innovative, dependable, and lasting lighting and preemption systems. TOMAR’s highly skilled experts use cutting-edge electronic design and testing equipment to manufacture the most sophisticated strobe warning lights on the market. TOMAR’s testing and research equipment comprise the following: An sophisticated computerized circuit simulator that determines important tolerance criteria and analyzes potential design flaws. To ensure the accuracy of light intensity output parameters, high-speed photodiodes are employed to measure and show the forms of light pulse waves.

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