Kaixuan Technology Co. Ltd.

Fujian Kaixuan Technology Co. Ltd or Kaixuan Technology Co. Limited is based in Hongkong, It’s been a long time since Kaixuan, a high-tech company, has been a professional manufacturer of explosion-proof cameras and equipment such explosion-proof dome cameras and explosion-proof speed dome cameras as well as thermal explosion-proof cameras and CCTV systems. In Europe, North and South America, Asia, the Middle East, and many other places, their products are shipped in high proportions. Many customers have been quite complimentary, stating that their items are well-liked and well-accepted in their respective markets. As a result, they’ve gained a worldwide reputation for excellence. Their goal is to deliver the highest-quality products possible, and we have a dedicated R&D team that is dedicated to making existing items even better and developing new ones.

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