Tablets have evolved and gained faster processors, better cameras, higher durability, and other advances. And companies stop progressing the moment innovation is side-tracked. That’s why the oil and gas industry has kept pace with technology; to provide support to our men and women working in hazardous environments.

Dell Intrinsically Safe Explosion Proof Tablet Latitude 7212
Intrinsically Safe Dell Tablet

Workers operating in hazardous areas benefit from real-time access to critical information and inspection data. Granted that, one of the most paramount devices that they need is an Intrinsically safe and hazardous area tablet. And above all, tablets keep workers connected while performing tasks inside a hazard area.

The danger presented by potentially explosive environments results in strict safety measures, standard operating procedures for workers, and electronic systems.

While these tablets are similar to many others available on the market, manufacturers have implemented several thermal management design features to help the devices achieve ATEXIECEx, and North American certification. As a result, many modern devices are unusable in hazardous environments because of the rigorous certification. For example, many types of wireless connectivity, processors, and batteries are unavailable in a hazard zone.

Intrinsically Safe Store Tablets

Unfortunately, there’s still plenty of work to do and inaccuracies due to the limited types of devices in hazard zones.

Today, intrinsically safe tablets are developed to safely and securely connect machinery, data, and personnel. 

Tablet Certifications

In brief, to help reach and ensure a level of safety standards, The ATEX directive and International Electrotechnical Commission Explosive (IECEx) standards in the European Union, along with UL in North America, define different types of explosive atmospheres and the likelihood of hazardous conditions in them, using a combination of zones, classes, and divisions.

Intrinsically Safe Tablet Certification
Intrinsically Safe Certification


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