Class 1 Div 2 & Div 1 Enclosures for Tablets

Intrinsically Safe Tablet open
Intrinsically Safe Tablet

Intrinsically Safe Tablet’s are specifically designed and engineered for Hazardous Area environments. Tablet in Explosion Proof areas will specifically be marked with certifications such as ATEX Zone 1, ATEX Zone 2, Class 1 Divison 1, Class 1 Division 2, IECEx and more.

Tablet’s that are Intrinsically Safe does not mean the technology is outdated. The Intrinsically Safe Store’s wide range of Intrinsically Safe Tablet’s have some amazing features specific to your Hazardous Area needs. Our Tablet features include HD Video cameras, the latest Android operating systems, ruggedized ergonomic form factors and more!

Have a look below to dive deeper into our Intrinsically Safe Cell Tablets by ECOM, iSafe, Bartec, AEGEX, and more.

Intrinsically Safe Tablets are starting to replace dedicated Intrinsically Safe Camera units. If you are wanting to consolidate devices and combine an Intrinsically Safe Camera with an Intrinsically Safe Tablet you now can. Tablets provide a greater flexibility to perform other tasks using specific software. Whatever your need our team at the Intrinsically Safe Store will be able to find a solution.

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