Intrinsically Safe Portable Cameras

Intrinsically Safe Camera’s are specifically designed and engineered for Hazardous Area environments. Digital cameras in Explosion Proof areas will specifically be marked with certifications such as ATEX Zone 1, ATEX Zone 2, Class 1 Divison 1, Class 1 Division 2, IECEx and more.

Don’t think that just because the camera is Intrinsically Safe means it produces low-quality pictures or the core technology is behind the times.

Our wide range of Intrinsically Safe Cameras produces some amazing results fit for your specific Hazardous Area purpose. Our camera features include HD Video, live streaming, thermal imaging, wearables and more.

Click below to dive deeper into our Intrinsically Safe Digital Cameras by Bartec, CorDEX and more of the finest Intrinsically Safe Product providers on the market.

Yes, Intrinsically Safe Cell Phones and Intrinsically Safe Smartphones are starting to replace dedicated camera units. However, there still is a large need for our clients in Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Field Services, etc. that need that extra edge in their Hazardous Areas.

For example, a dedicated wearable Intrinsically Safe camera would be a great solution for someone in a tight space or requiring both hands to be free while simultaneously having a remote video conference with their team. All these Hazardous Area challenges can be solved with the wide range of products at the Intrinsically Safe Store.

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