APG PT-500-P30 Submersible Pressure Transmitter


Submersible Pressure Transmitter PT500 – Waste Water models with Cage is certified for use in ATEX Zone 0 / 2, Class I Division I, and Class I Division 2 hazardous environments. This instrument has a choice of patented removable, reusable, or fixed, welded cage, and is designed for use in caustic, turbulent, and dirty liquid. It features built-in lightning protection, field adjustable zero, laser welded body of 316L stainless steel, lower power consumption, tank cloud compatible, compact vent tube filter cap, and 4-20 mA output. It can be mounted in three ways: via NPT process connection, free-hanging suspension, or conduit mounted.

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The Intrinsically Safe Submersible Pressure Transmitter APG PT-500-P30 Series is the industry leader in terms of durability in submerged environments. It is approved for use in ATEX Zone 0 / 2, Class I Division I, and Class I Division 2 hazardous environments. The PT-500-P30 is available with a proprietary detachable, reusable cage or a permanent, welded cage. It is ideal for usage in caustic, turbulent, and unclean liquids. The PT-500 is the ideal instrument for static and dynamic pressure measurement because of its small size, integrated electronics, wide working temperature range, and durability.

It is designed for use in severe conditions. With a 316L stainless steel laser-welded body, surge, and illumination protection. Despite its durability, it is nevertheless priced for industrial application. The submersible pressure transducer was designed to be both dependable and cost-effective.

The PT-500 is a durable submersible pressure transmitter that is ideal for measuring tank liquid levels, water and wastewater applications, and well depth.


  • ATEX Zone 0 / 2
  • Class I Division 1
  • Class I Division 2
  • Wastewater models with a protective cage
  • Built-In Lightning Protection
  • Field Zero Adjust
  • Boxed Weight: 5 – 7 lbs.
  • Simple to install
  • High precision, solid-state signal: 4-20 mA
  • Exclusive, removable, and reusable cage
  • 1/2” NPTM option on cable end for use with conduit
  • Durable transducer face
  • Single seal for highest safety protection factor
  • Conduit mounting threads
  • Ingenious and compact vent tube filter cap
  •  316L SS material



  • Range: 0 – 5 PSI, Range: 0 – 11.53 FT, Cable: 40 FT


  • Range: 0 – 10 PSI, Range: 0 – 23.07 FT, Cable: 40 FT


  • Range: 0 – 15 PSI, Range: 0 – 34.60 FT, Cable: 60 FT


  • Range: 0 – 20 PSI, Range: 0 – 46.13 FT, Cable: 60 FT

The Only One In Its Class

Built-In Lightning Protection

  • Lightning strikes are always a threat to exposed electrical infrastructure – especially when it’s 40 feet underground. That’s why we’ve included built-in lightning protection as a standard feature for every model (including an intrinsically safe version).

Field Adjustable Zero

  • Even the best submersible pressure transducers drift a little over time. Ours stands apart from the others because you can adjust the zero point in the field – bringing it back within spec. All it takes is a simple magnet (included). It’s easy to do and means you won’t need to have it recalibrated as often.

Re-Usable Cage

  • Need to protect your sensor? The cage is the ideal solution. But it costs extra no matter who you buy from. Ours can be removed and reused when it’s finally time to replace your sensor – saving you money. Tight budgets can be challenging. Why not save as much of it as you can.

PT-500 Re-Usable Protective Cage

Low Power Consumption

  • The Modbus and voltage output versions use very little power and have a very fast response time – ideal for battery-powered installations.

Tank Cloud Compatible

  • As stated, the PT-500’s low power consumption makes it ideal for remote monitoring applications – especially when you’re relying on solar or battery power. The Modbus version is compatible with our online remote monitoring software, Tank Cloud. View level readings online for free on our Tank Cloud portal – levelandflow.com. You can even add in low-cost data logging and alarms. Tank Cloud means you can keep an eye on your remote tanks and wells from your office or your smartphone.


  • Lift Stations
  • Retainer Ponds
  • Well Level Monitoring
  • Process Tanks
  • Remote Level Monitoring
  • Chemical Tanks
  • Water Storage
  • Oil Storage


Accuracy (linearity, hysteresis, & repeatability):± 0.250% of span (BFSL) (1% for ≤ 1 psi)
1 Year Stability:0-20,000 PSIS
Temp Effects on Zero & Span:≤ 0.025% FS/ºF @ 70º
Output:4-20 mA
0-5, 1-5, 1-10 VDC
Maximum Depth:Submersible up to 575 ft.
Standard Compensated Temp.:
≤ 10 psi:0º - 60ºC / 32º - 140ºF
> 10 psi:-10º - 70ºC / 14º - 158ºF
Storage Temp:-40º - 82ºC / -40º - 180ºF
Operating Temp:-40º - 85ºC / -40º - 185ºF
Supply Voltage:
4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC, 1-5 VDC:9-28 VDC
1-10 VDC:14-28 VDC
mV/V:10 VDC
Current Draw:
4-20 mA:3-30 mA
0-5 VDC, 1-5 VDC, 1-10 VDC:3 mA
Electrical Connection:Vented watertight cable w/free ends
Up to 200 lbs tensile strength
Electrical Protection:Lightning and Surge protection is built in.
Protected against reverse polarity, surge per IEC 61000-4-5
Sensor Housing:316L SS
Enclosure:316L SS
Seal Housing:316L SS
Seal:Viton ETP-s
Protective Nose Cone:Delrin
Cables:PVC, Polyurethane, Hytrel
4-20 mA Output Only
CSA Intrinsically Safe:Class 1, Division 1; Groups C & D
Ex ia IIB T4
Class 1, Zone 0, AEx ia IIB T4
Ambient:-40 - 85ºC
Single Seal



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